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Hefty Smurf is being introduced to some of the Smurfettes in "The Smurfette Village".

Group Name: Smurfettes
Race Name: Smurfs
Race Type: Humanoid
Existence: Real
Residence: Originally Smurfette Village, Earth
Population: A little over 100
Universe: Raven Child
First appeared in: "The Smurfette Village"

You may also be looking for the character called Smurfette.

The Smurfettes are a group of female Smurf characters created by The Raven Child for her Smurfs fanfiction story series. Like their male Smurf counterparts, they also live in a village that is led by an elderly female Smurf known as Mama Smurf. In contrast to most of the male Smurfs of the Smurf Village who normally wear a white hat and pants (with Papa Smurf being the primary exception due to his role as the village leader), the Smurfettes tend to mostly wear pink hats as well as pink dresses and/or outfits that befit the particular personality or occupation of an individual character, though some of the young adult Smurfettes do wear other colors (such as Toughette's grayish hat and workout clothes).

Eventually, the male Smurfs discovered this village and became friends with the Smurfettes until a disastrous plague struck both their groups, leaving Hefty, his female counterpart Toughette, Brainy, his female counterpart Brainette, the Smurflings, and both Baby Smurfs as the only survivors.

The list of known Smurfette characters include:

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